GENOA - Museum of Ligurian Archaeology (UK)
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Irene Molinari
17 x 24
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Anno pubblicazione:2017
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The Museum of Ligurian Archaeology is part of the extraordinary historical and environmental complex of villas and museums in Pegli, a district in the west of Genoa. You will discover the two human species from which modern Europeans are descended and the evidence that they left throughout the region: from caves to cities, from the camps of Paleolithic hunters to artistic and spiritual creations, as well as evidence of contact and trade with the Mediterranean Basin and European continent. Events that were at times dramatic, environmental, technological and economic changes, encounters and clashes that formed the basis of the world that we inhabit today.
The museum enables you to see Liguria in a new light: the area between the Mediterranean and Europe where 100,000 years of prehistory and human history have left their mark.