Adriana Glaviano
30 x 36
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Anno pubblicazione:2016
Lingua:English edition
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Some people, some figures manage to leave an unforgettable impression on the collective imagination. Isa Stoppi has that kind of charm, elusive yet at the same time very specific, combining Zeitgeist – a connotation of beauty that sums up epochal values, a polished social representation and literary-inspired fragrances within itself – and an abstract, allegorical and timeless mood. A charm that fades into mystery, into the eternally evocative radiance of allegory.
Originally from Italy, specifi cally Emilia, with a Central European touch, Isa or Issa, or Isse, whatever you prefer from the various American metamorphoses of her name, was born in colonial Libya and these roots left her with a faint but moving inner nostalgia. Almost without wanting to, Isa established herself on the international fashion photography scene, at a time when chic wasn’t a point of view but a fundamental requirement. Her appearance and subsequent consecration in the USA, thanks especially to Vogue America and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as their legendary editor and demiurge Diana Vreeland, happened in the mid-Sixties.

Fotografie di: Gian Paolo Barbieri, Hiro, Henry Clarke and Jacques Henri Lartigue, Neal Bar, Janloup Sieff, Ugo Mulas, Saul Leiter, Oliviero Toscani, James Moore, J. Jack Bugat, Chris Von Wangenheim, Francesco Scavullo, Franco Scheichenbauer, Alfa Castaldi, Johnny Moncada, Bill Silano, Bert Stern, Helmut Newton

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