50 years of growth into the future
The company, its growth and tissue culture
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Anno pubblicazione:2016
Lingua:English edition
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This volume retraces the first fifty years in the life of the Sofidel Group, which is among the world leaders in the manufacture of tissue, the paper used for hygienic and household use. The Group is particularly well known for the Regina brand, the brand of the Rotoloni, “the giant rolls that never end”.
With over 5,500 employees in thirteen countries in Europe and the United States of America, Sofidel today is a multinational to all effects and purposes, whose story deserves to be told because it sets a benchmark from several points of view.
A forward view, the courage to innovate, planning capacity and the profound integration of values in the company, with sustainability having become a fundamental component of its competitive development, are all analysed in this book through scientific contributions and up-to-date social and economic data. But the story of Sofidel, told in the voices of witnesses and hitherto unpublished photographs, also allows us to reconstruct fifty years in the life of an entire sector, the Tuscan tissue sector, an absolute excellence with the ability to compete and succeed in global markets. It is a piece, therefore, of the story of an industrial community which, as a whole, has written and is still writing an important page for the Italian economy and, more generally, for the evolution of our habits and lifestyle.