A Culinary Journey through Southern Italy
Roberta Corradin, Paola Rancati
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900 colour
hardcover with jacket
Anno pubblicazione:2011
Lingua:English edition
Price:30,00 Euro

This second volume of the editorial project Taste and Tradition focuses on Southern Italy and Islands: the travel through Italian flavours goes on, after the first part – and first volume – on Northern and Central Italy.
This culinary journey aims at offering a complete map of Italian flavours and food culture, with a new approach that combines recipes, stories and images to make the real tradition of Italian cuisine known.
This book presents traditional recipes – accurately explained step by step –, traditional restaurants and cuisine, the typical ingredients and any other specificity of the territory: all elements that, on their whole define the origin and the essence of many Italian dishes, some of them actually well known worldwide, others forgotten and many rediscovered.
This volume therefore offers the reader a travel through the Southern regions of Campania, Basilicata, Molise, Apulia and Calabria, as well as through the two major Italian Islands: Sicily and Sardinia.
The volume is completed by an appendix with information on the restaurants that are mentioned in the book.

112 recipes;
37 regional products;
39 restaurants.

More than a guide, better than a cookbook!

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